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Wilmington College

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ADDRESS: 1870 Quaker Way City Wilmington
State OHZip 45177


Wilmington College

Wilmington, Ohio

4-year, Regionally accredited

Affiliation: Friends

Degrees: Bachelor's

It’s always nice to learn that an institution of higher learning pays special attention to its students’ career preparation.  Wilmington College is such an institution.  Based on Quaker principals, this unique school in central Ohio offers popular degree programs in agriculture management, business, education and sports management, among others.  All classes are held on campus; there are no online courses or degree programs.

Since almost 90% of Wilmington’s students are 24 and younger, the campus provides a unique and safe place to transition to adulthood.  Annual cost to attend, which averaged about $22K for the 2014-15 school year, is somewhat less than posted “sticker” costs of around $30K.  This lower cost results from Wilmington’s grants and scholarships, which are received by 93% of its students according to data from the Education Department.


What our Students are Saying...

"Wilmington College is a small Quaker liberal arts college in South-central Ohio. Its faculty and stuff are dedicated to helping students succeed and make a difference in the world. The college is a perfect choice for any student who is looking for an intimate and supportive college environment."

"Wilmington is small college that really does have something for almost everyone. The small class sizes and campus make for an easy campus to get involved on. So much help is provided both in and out of classes if you need it."

"A small, cozy, comfortable, environmentally conscious, giving university that will give back to you what you give to it tenfold."