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Mercyhurst University

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ADDRESS: 501 East 38th Street City Erie
State PAZip 16545


Mercyhurst University

Erie, Pennsylvania

4-year, Regionally accredited

Affiliation: Roman Catholic

Degrees: Bachelor's, Master's

Located in Erie, Pennsylvania on a 75-acres campus, Mercyhurst is a Catholic university founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1926.  There are approximately 2,800 students currently enrolled, including about 300 graduate students.  Over half of the students are from out-of-state and 93% are under the age of 25.  When we first considered Mercyhurst’s nomination we nearly put it in the “too expensive” category, but further investigation uncovered a generous financial aid program where all (100%) of the students receive some type of aid.  We put Mercyhurst back in the “for consideration” category once we saw their institutional (i.e., given by the school itself) grants and scholarships averaged about $22,000 per student.  We continue to be puzzled by colleges and universities that post an outrageous sticker price, only to discount that price in almost every instance.

Having chided Mercyhurst a bit because of their inflated sticker price, we have to commend them on their excellent academic programs.  We were surprised to see a very unique program offered: bachelor’s and master’s degrees in military intelligence.  They also offer bachelor and master programs in education, criminal justice, psychology, and social sciences.  In addition, we noted bachelor programs in health and in visual/performing arts.

Mercyhurst University has agreements with other colleges and universities that allows a qualifying Mercyhurst student to transfer into programs Mercyhurst doesn’t offer, like dentistry, osteopathic medicine, chiropractic, and a wide variety of interesting specialty programs.  For a better understanding we suggest you go to Mercyhurst’s website and look under Articulation Agreements.”  We think you will be quite pleased.


What our Students are Saying...

"Great experience...The campus is breath taking, the city of Erie is welcoming and the Educational experience of a small Catholic University can't be beat! Not to mention the lifelong friends that you will make there are pretty amazing!! Go Lakers!!"

"Best time of my life. I never realized how amazing it was until my 4 years were done with. It's not the professors or administration that made my time there amazing, it was my fellow students."

"Mercyhurst provides an intimate setting with its small class size and campus. Classes are taught by tenured and adjunct professors, not teaching assistants. The school is very welcoming to people of all backgrounds."