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Tusculum College

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ADDRESS: 60 Shiloh Road City Greeneville
State TNZip 37743


Tusculum College

Greeneville, Tennessee

4-year, Regionally accredited

Affiliation: Presbyterian Church

Degrees: Bachelor's, Master's


Founded in the late 1700s, Tusculum College has moved into the 21st century by offering some courses online, especially to grad students.  Located in rural Tennessee, this institution provides its small (about 1,800) student body with very good bachelor and master degree programs in business and education.  Also popular are bachelor programs in nursing (BSN) and psychology.

Nearly 100% are fulltime students, and about 35% are 25 or older.  Tusculum College follows the strategy of offering almost all enrollees an institutional grant or scholarship in order to bring down the cost of attending to about $18K per year for undergrads.  Costs are also reasonable for graduate students, and as a private school, Tusculum does not charge a premium to students from out of state.

Students comment that the campus is “absolutely gorgeous” and that no matter your age you will enjoy attending, and be rewarded by a Tusculum education.  We think these comments are right on the money and recommend a close look at this rural Tennessee college.


What our Students are Saying...

"With only one class to concentrate on you don't have to worry about other classes. Tusculum is truly a one of a kind college. I had plenty of scholarship money and other grants. It was so worth coming here."

"I am an adult student, returning to school after 20 years or so. Tusculum offers a diverse student body and after being a student for one year, I have experienced instructors who understand that as working adults, we have different responsibilities than the average college junior. "

"I love that the block schedule allows me to focus on one class at a time. The campus is small, but has a big history and is absolutely gorgeous. And, by having class with less than thirty students at a time, the professors are able to get to know their students and provide assistance to each one."