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Emory & Henry College

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ADDRESS: 1 Garnand Drive City Emory
State VAZip 24340


Emory & Henry College

Emory, Virginia

4-year, Regionally accredited

Affiliation: United Methodist

Degrees: Bachelor's, Master's

Having some of the top ratings by students for their college or university among candidate institutions for our 2017 Best Value School Awards, Emory & Henry stood out as one of the most loved schools we’ve encountered.  Why is this?  It might be the beautiful campus, or the caring professors, or the warm student community.  But we found that the small enrollment (about 1,100), young and diverse student body (almost all under 25, and 40% from out of state), and a group of popular academic programs all contributed to the overwhelmingly positive response by current and former students.

We liked that Emory & Henry College, or E&H, had good academic programs and a reasonable cost to attend.  Like many colleges and universities that somehow think a high “sticker price” (E&H’s is about $45,000) bestows the image of high value or exclusivity to the uninformed, E&H actually is in the highly reasonable $21,000 range.  This “net cost to attend” is for first time, fulltime students as published in the Education Department’s publicly available data.  So, in our opinion, E&H is reasonably priced.  Just make sure you are one of the students (all of them, so far) that receives an institutional grant or scholarship.

Emory & Henry provides campus-based education.  There are very few, if any, online courses offered.  We wish there were as their absence severely limits the number of students who can take advantage of an E&H education.  Popular degree programs include education (bachelor, master), and bachelor programs in biology, business, social science, and visual/performance arts.  This is a unique school that may well be an ideal place to not only learn but also to journey from late teens to young adulthood.  There are plenty of reasons its students love the place; we’re sure you could find a few yourself.


What our Students are Saying...

"My dream school! As a transfer student from a community college, E&H has been so polite and helpful. It's been a great transition, and I feel so blessed!"

"Love the campus. Very beautiful and they have kindest and most patient professors who have passion for what they teach. I highly recommend this college."

"Emory & Henry is home. It's where strangers became friends, and friends became family. It's where I learned, not just academia, but life experiences that helped me grow as a person. There's no better place."