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Daemen College

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ADDRESS: 4380 Main Street City Amherst
State NYZip 14226


Daemen College

Amherst, New York

4-year, Regionally accredited

Degrees: Certificate, Bachelor's, Master's, Doctorate

Located in Amherst, New York, near Buffalo and the Canadian border, Daemen College’s 2,700 students are over 70% female, most (80%) attend fulltime, and 80% are under 25.  About 20% of the students are minorities, and almost all Daeman’s (private non-profit) students are from the State of New York.  With a relatively high “sticker price” of around $41,000 for fulltime first year students Daemen College might seem a bit rich, but if you dig further you will be pleased to learn that the average net cost, for these same first year students, is actually a bit under $18,000 which results from all of these students receiving grants or scholarships.  Their very reasonable net cost to attend is what caught our attention initially, and when we scoured the Internet for student comments we learned Daemen students and graduates gave their school some of the highest recommendations we had seen.  Daemen College is highly regarded by the people who know best: its students.

With over 70% of the students female we see why they are attracted to Daemen College – the acclaimed (and accredited) programs in health, education and natural sciences.  Daemen’s degree programs in health, particularly the bachelor, master and doctorate programs (doctorate in physical therapy), and their bachelor and master programs in education (especially the master’s in special education) bring many students this relatively small institution.  Other programs, in business, biology, visual arts, natural science and social work, the latter offering an MSW, are also popular – and well-regarded.

Although little-known outside New York State, Daemen College is a great school for upwardly mobile, serious young students.  The only drawback, in our opinion, might be Daemen’s deficiency in online program offerings.  We hope they will take steps to bring many of their well-regarded degree programs into the digital age, allowing a broader base of prospective students a chance to avail themselves of these high quality programs.


What our Students are Saying...

"Daemen is a great school & I'm very happy to be attending there. I am in the Paralegal Studies program. Very nice, located in a nice area as well. Love Daemen!"

"A small school, which is a good environment for a country-kid like me, where teachers and students get to know each other, and students can achieve their goals because of all the provided support."

"A college focused on academic excellence. The social life is minimal, but the obtained knowledge is endless. A great school to ensure a successful future."