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Goshen College

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ADDRESS: 1700 S Main St City Goshen
State INZip 46526


Goshen College

Goshen, Indiana

4-year, Regionally accredited

Affiliation: Mennonite Church

Degrees: Bachelor's, Master's

Affiliated with the Mennonite Church, Goshen College makes it clear that they accept all faiths, races, and sexual orientation; Goshen’s mission is to integrate Christian values with education and social and professional life.  Students are surprised, based on the comments we gleaned from the Internet, by the warm welcome they receive, and continue to experience, at Goshen.  There are only a few courses offered online so Goshen College is a traditional institution as everything is campus-centered.  In many ways, especially for those entering college, this is a good thing.

While the small (830), the student body reflects a wide range of students with 16% over the age of 24 and over 40% from out of state, including foreign students.  This provides an interesting cross-section of individuals; it is unclear how many are Mennonites, or nonbelievers for that matter.  Regardless of religious affiliation, if any, Goshen students have some interesting degree programs to choose from.  Business programs include bachelor and master tracks as does health care whose popular fields of study include a BS in nursing and a family practitioner nursing master’s.  Other bachelor programs include biology, education, communication, social work and visual/performance arts.  Two programs caught our attention – we have not seen many colleges offer them – are Goshen’s bachelor and master in environmental science, and a degree in American Sign Language, the former serving the environment, the latter serving those who don’t have the capacity to hear or speak. 

We weren’t too pleased to see that Goshen College’s sticker price was in the $45,000 range (for first year fulltime students living on campus), which we feel might have disqualified Goshen for our Best Value School Award.  But we dug a bit deeper and were pleased to learn that the actual cost to attend is slightly less than $19,000 for the same first year fulltime students.  This qualifies Goshen College, along with its academics and its student endorsements and recommendations, for a Best Value School Award.


What our Students are Saying...

"I am a recent grad of Goshen and cherish the many friendships and life values that I built at this institution. It works to better the whole world and provide leaders for many future generations."

"Goshen College has faculty and staff that care about you in a way that I didn't think possible. I came to Goshen from a large public school and was surprised to have teachers I didn't even know, know my name and sit down and chat about how I was doing. It is a place where I feel special."

"Wonderful Experience – Goshen College is a challenging, but great college. I love the diversity we have on campus. The people are genuinely kind and helpful. I have had a wonderful experience, and would not change it for another school."