Trident University International

Cypress, California

    Why We Like This Institution

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    A repeat Best Value School, Trident is a 100%-online institution. Of the more than 6,000 students, about half are in graduate programs. More than 90% are over 25 years of age as this university appeals to adult learners.


    What’s different about this school, other than their very reasonable pricing and good program selection? One thing that caught our attention is Trident’s new emphasis on student success. Trident staff walks new enrollees through their first semester with one person assigned to each student. This is particularly good for adults who are returning to college while they deal with other obligations.


    Low default rates by student borrowers is an indication that Trident students find gainful employment after graduation. Many graduates earn their degrees after attending Trident part-time and online. If you are an adult, investigate this Best Value online, regionally accredited university.

    What Students Are Saying

    "Trident University is different. I attended Texas A&M in-residence for two years before joining the military, and I tried a couple of online schools before I settled on Trident. My experience has been fantastic. And there are no textbooks, which is think is great (as it saved me lots of money); the school has an online library. Trident has the distance learning model down."

    "The Ph.D. program is rigorous, yet the staff are very supportive. I wouldn’t trade this experience nor what I am learning for anything in the world. A Trident Ph.D. is a great value."

    "I completed a master’s degree at TUI thanks to their compassionate professors, flexible curriculum, and staff who were willing to go the extra mile for me. TUI is the only college I could have done this at with a 60+ hour work week. These guys/gals really get it!"

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